An EHC plan is a legal document which gives a child or young person with special educational needs or disabilities (“SEND”) rights to the education, health and care provision set out in that plan.

If you are unhappy about something to do with an EHC plan, the right course of action depends on your situation.

If the local authority (“LA”) has refused to carry out an EHC needs assessment or to issue an EHC plan, you should appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) (the “SEND Tribunal”).

If you already have an EHC plan, but the issue is that the provision set out in the EHC plan is not being provided, then you should complain to the LA.

If you already have an EHC plan, but you are unhappy with what it says or the placement named in it:

  • If within the last two months, the EHC plan was issued for the first time, was amended, or was reviewed (including at an annual review), then you can appeal to the SEND Tribunal about the contents of the plan. This includes asking for the school, college or other setting named in the EHC plan to be changed. 
  • If you are outside the above time period, then you can either:

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