This is a free way to resolve a dispute without going to court or to the SEND Tribunal. An independent person, called the mediator, helps those taking part (the parties) discuss what the problems are and see how they can be resolved. You can mediate on educational, health and/or social care issues.

If agreement is reached, you should make sure what has been agreed (including any timescales) is written down. This is called a mediation agreement and this agreement forms a contract between the parties, so must be followed.

You have a right to try mediation whenever:

  • a decision is made which you could appeal to the SEND Tribunal, including if you only disagree with the name or type of setting, or the fact no setting or type has been named in section I of an EHC plan, or
  • an EHC plan is made, amended or replaced.

You can find out more about mediation on our website.