When children’s rights become “demands”, and parents get the blame

There’s a worryingly persistent narrative in government and local authorities that the SEND crisis is the result of parents/carers being too demanding - our new blog post is a reminder that parents/carers are doing nothing more than expecting local authorities to follow the law Read more

Would provision for children and young people with SEND be different under a Labour government?

Right now, with a general election due to take place in a year or so and opinion polls suggesting that a change of government is more likely than not, our focus is just as much on the Labour opposition as it is on the Conservative government Read more

The SEND Tribunal: where the law is applied and rights are upheld

The Tribunal’s one and only purpose is to apply SEND law, not to play referee in local disagreements or decide which side has smoother-talking lawyers or a better back-story Read more

A national template for EHC plans: what should it look like?

Read our blog to find out what we think the new national EHC plan template should contain, and why it matters Read more

How do we fix SEND? The answer is not in the government’s SEND Improvement Plan.

Although the green paper appeared to be laying the groundwork for a significant overhaul of the current SEND legal framework, actually nothing much is planned to change (or improve) the system now or even this year Read more