IPSEA is frequently contacted about local authorities (“LAs”) refusing to carry out EHC needs assessments. These are the most common type of appeal. We have created a refusal to assess pack which gives a detailed guide to preparing for and carrying out a refusal to assess appeal.

The following model letters may also assist you in obtaining evidence to support this type of appeal:

Asking the LA for information about what is available in its area and its delegated funding: Model letter 17 

Asking for a copy of a child’s school record: Model letter 18

Asking a school for information on pupils with SEN and what is available for them in school: Model letter 19

This type of appeal has routinely been dealt with ‘on the papers’, meaning there would not be a hearing which the parties would need to attend. Many parents and young people are content with this approach. However, both parties must consent to an appeal being decided on written evidence alone, and an oral hearing must be held if one party requests it.

Refusal to assess pack

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