CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Asking a nursery, school or college for information on pupils with SEN and what is available for them (template letter 19)

This template letter is for general advice purposes and will need to be tailored to your own individual circumstances. 

When should I use this letter?

You can use this letter to ask a nursery, school or college for information on how many pupils it has with SEN and EHC plans and about the SEN provision available to them.

This information will help show what cannot be provided without an EHC plan. Therefore, it is likely to be helpful if you have been refused an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment, or if you have had an EHC needs assessment and the local authority (LA) has decided that an EHC plan is not necessary.

We recommend that you also look at our information on appealing to the SEND Tribunal, and if relevant our refusal to assess pack which includes detailed guidance on preparing for and carrying out a refusal to assess appeal.

When do the school need to reply?

There is no set deadline for the nursery, school or college to reply.

If the setting delays in replying, do not miss your deadline for appealing. You must send the appeal form to the SEND Tribunal within two months of the date of the LA’s decision letter, or one month from the date you obtain a mediation certificate, whichever is the later.

If the setting has failed to reply, or refused to provide this information, you can request that the SEND Tribunal makes an order for this information to be provided.

You can always withdraw your appeal if the information you receive makes you think again about your case.

Who should I write to?

The letter should be addressed to the head teacher or principal of the nursery, school or college.

Remember to keep a copy of any letter you send. If you need further advice, you can book a tribunal helpline appointment with IPSEA.