Model letters

You will find in this section descriptions of seven situations where you may need to write to your local authority, together with model letters. If you need further specific advice, please call our advice line.

They are:

  1. To request an Education, Health and Care needs assessment;
  2. To request a re-assessment;
  3. To respond to the draft EHC plan sent by the LA;
  4. Objecting to the amendments the LA is proposing to an existing EHC plan;
  5. Asking for an early review of an EHC plan;
  6. Complaining when the special educational provision on the EHC plan is not being made;
  7. Complaining when an EHC needs assessment is not being carried out properly;
  8. Complaining when the LA has not completed the annual review of an Education and Health Plan;
  9. Complaining when the LA does not respond to a request for an EHC needs assessment within the 6 week time limit;
  10. Complaining when the LA has not issued the final EHC Plan following assessment;
  11. Complaining when the LA has not issued the final EHC Plan following transition.

These model letters are for use for children and young people to whom the new system already applies. For children who still have statements, follow this link for Common Problems and Model letters relating to Statements.

Common problems and Model Letters relating to Statements

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