CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Responding to a draft EHC plan (model letter 3)

When can I respond with comments on the draft EHC plan?

You will have at least 15 days from receiving your draft EHC plan to make comments about any outstanding issues, to ask for a meeting with the LA (if you want one), and to request that a particular school or other institution should be named. There is more information about this under what to do when you receive your draft EHC plan.

It is always best to do this in writing (either by email or letter) so you have a record of what you have asked.

Who should I write to?

The covering letter sent by the LA with the draft EHC plan should give you the contact details of the person you should get in touch with.

If you are not sure who to write to, then write to the most senior person at the LA, usually called the Director of Children’s Services. You can find information and contact details for this person by clicking here.

When will I hear back?

The law says that you should hear back from the LA “as soon as practicable”.

Remember to keep a copy of any letter or email you send. If you don’t get a reply within two weeks, or if you need further advice, you can book an appointment to speak with us.