“I contacted IPSEA’s Tribunal Helpline after reaching a stalemate with my SEND team regarding Sections B, F and I of my daughter’s draft Education, Health and Care plan.

My gut feeling was that the local authority’s preferred school would not meet my daughter’s needs. I saw an independent supporter whose advice was that the local authority objection to my preferred school (that the school was full) was ‘reasonable’. IPSEA however guided me to the relevant case law and gave me confidence to draft my tribunal application.

Following IPSEA’s advice, I issued a claim to tribunal, and within three weeks a place at my preferred school had been found!

Taking on your local authority can be really intimidating. I nearly gave in and let my daughter go to a school which would have been completely unsuitable for her. I’m so glad I persevered and spoke to IPSEA.”


*names have been changed