Jenny reached out to us late in the process of her daughter’s SEND Tribunal appeal after her local authority (LA) had refused to issue an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.Jenny had everything organised and had sent her evidence to the Tribunal, but as the date of the hearing got closer, she got increasingly nervous.

"It is a bit of a threatening process. The person on the side of the local authority (LA) – it is their job. They are paid to do it. It started feeling overwhelming, so I reached out to IPSEA and they were there.  

I had a few false starts but got allocated to William (one of IPSEA’s tribunal support service volunteers) a week before the tribunal. I felt like I’d won the lottery when I spoke to him because he was really ‘on it’. He knew the process AND was a trainee Barrister. He really took the time to look at our situation and look up similar cases to be used in our argument. The Tribunal found in our favour, and the LA are now issuing an EHC plan. It has been a hard process as initially they refused to assess, then they refused to issue – so I’m not holding my breath for the best EHC plan to be produced!  

IPSEA have been such a support to me at this very challenging time. When there are complex medical and learning needs combined it is a very daunting time for parents. IPSEA stepped in at the crucial time and having the support of a volunteer, William, was a godsend.  He had put so much time into reading the endless reports, evidence and was expert in his legal knowledge and delivery. I am so very, very grateful. Thank you so much."