IPSEA's Tribunal casework volunteers provide individual support for the families whose cases they take. This free and specialist support can only be accessed by referral after booking an appointment on our Tribunal Helpline, and is only provided for parents who meet our criteria.  

Our Tribunal Helpline volunteer will assess whether you need this support, and if their assessment indicates you require this, it will be provided throughout the Tribunal process – including representation at your hearing depending on your location and volunteer availability. 

Our casework volunteers work with parents to empower them to obtain the best possible result at their Tribunal. This includes support with: 

  • The preparation of papers for Tribunal
  • The case management process
  • Advice on evidence required
  • The role of witnesses
  • Working documents
  • Negotiation with the local authority
  • Representation at your hearing
  • Assessment of decisions 

Parents remain in control of the Tribunal process at all times, and are responsible for making decisions about what they want the Tribunal to know about their child’s needs, the support their child requires and the most appropriate educational placement for their child. 

We are very grateful to Linklaters for their support of this unique service.


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