As described in the section about what to do if the LA takes away your EHC plan, the LA can only cease to maintain an EHC plan where they are no longer responsible for the child or young person, or provision in the EHC plan is no longer necessary.

It does not sound like this is the situation here. It is correct that the LA must consider whether the educational or training outcomes specified in the EHC plan have been achieved when considering whether to cease an EHC plan for a young person who is aged over 18. However, this is just something they should take into account. They cannot cease the plan simply because the outcomes have (or have not) been achieved.

The outcomes should have been amended as your daughter got older so they were still relevant. See the section on what an EHC plan should contain for more information.

Your daughter should get the EHC plan amended so that it is relevant to her current needs and aspirations – the section on annual review has further information on how to do this.

If the LA do decide to cease to maintain the EHC plan, or if they refuse to amend the plan so it is up to date, then your daughter will have a right of appeal to the SEND Tribunal.