This is a review of an education, health and care (EHC) plan. The process is set out in law, and local authorities (LAs) must follow it. It involves:

  1. getting up-to-date information about the child or the young person, 
  1. sending out this information before a review meeting, with an invitation to attend, 
  1. holding a review meeting to consider what:
    • progress the child or young person has made towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHC plan, and
    • if they are in year 9 or above, what provision is needed to help them prepare for adulthood and independent living.
  1. a report saying what changes might be required to the EHC plan (and any differences of opinion), and 
  1. notice of a decision from the LA. The LA must say whether it will:
    • maintain the EHC plan as it is,
    • maintain the EHC plan with changes to it (and what these are), or
    • stop maintaining the EHC plan (following consultation).

Each of these decisions can be appealed in the SEND Tribunal. 

You can find out more about annual reviews on our website.