Laurie Rackind announced as Interim Chief Executive of IPSEA

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Laurie Rackind as Interim Chief Executive of IPSEA Read more

Updated school transport guidance and the impact on disabled children

An article co-written by Cerebra, IPSEA, SOS!SEN and Contact, expressing our concerns about the Department for Education’s revised school transport guidance Read more

Prioritise needs over numbers, and end the safety valve intervention programme

We look at what the government's 'safety valve intervention programme’ really means, and explain why we’re calling for it to end Read more

Marking 40 years of support and influence

How IPSEA has made a difference for children and young people with SEND over 40 years - learn about our history, our impact, and our vision for the future in our new report Read more

Evidence of Government’s target to reduce the overall number of EHC plans revealed

Despite repeated denials, it has emerged that the Department for Education has a target to reduce by 20% the number of children and young people who are given an EHC plan Read more

Disruption caused by reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) in schools and colleges

Advice for parents and carers of pupils and students with SEND Read more

Children out of school: your top questions answered

If you missed our recent children out of school webinar, you can catch up on the recording here – and to help, we’ve also rounded up the top questions asked during the session in this article Read more

IPSEA writes to local authorities over concerns with safety valve agreements

Local authority agreements to contain spending risk children and young people with SEND being denied the special educational provision and support to which they are legally entitled Read more

How do we fix SEND? The answer is not in the government’s SEND Improvement Plan.

Although the green paper appeared to be laying the groundwork for a significant overhaul of the current SEND legal framework, actually nothing much is planned to change (or improve) the system now or even this year Read more

Government publishes SEND Improvement Plan

The Department for Education has published a SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan, as the latest stage of the Government’s SEND Review. The main thing to note is that it contains no plans to change the law on support for children and young people with SEND. Read more

Record number of appeals to SEND Tribunal shows children and young people with SEND are unlawfully denied the support they need

New figures from the Ministry of Justice show clearly the extent to which local authorities routinely and unlawfully deny children and young people with SEND the special educational provision and support they need Read more

Why EHC plans must be specific and clear

We’ve recently heard of cases where local authorities have issued unclear or vague EHC plans - this is our guidance on what you should do if your child's plan is not clear or specific Read more

Banding, special educational provision and EHC plans

Banding is a way for LAs to allocate levels of top-up funding for securing special educational provision for children and young people with EHC plans - here we explain why banding should never be a barrier to providing the special educational provision required Read more

Children’s lawyers urge Government to rethink proposed reforms to the SEND system

More than 30 lawyers are calling on the Government to abandon proposals for reforming the system in England for supporting children and young people with SEND Read more

What’s happening with the Government’s SEND Review?

It has been seven months since the SEND green paper was published setting out proposals for reform, and three months since the public consultation on these proposals ended - so, what’s next? Read more

Can local authorities remove funding from an EHC plan?

We’ve recently heard of cases where local authorities are removing or reducing top up funding for EHC plans, leaving parents and carers (and the schools their children go to) worried that it won’t be possible to deliver the provision in the plans Read more

Local SEND inspections should not lose focus on SEND law

Inspections of local SEND services should look at whether local areas are following the law – our response to consultation on future of area SEND inspections Read more

SEND Review: our response to the Government’s proposals for SEND reform

We believe the proposed reforms will, if implemented, have an overwhelmingly negative impact on children and young people with SEND - read our response to the consultation here Read more

New guide outlines steps to tackle woefully inadequate educational provision for children in custody

'Education inside penal detention for children in England: An overview', published 'by the Howard League for Penal Reform and IPSEA, reveals that more than two-thirds of children in custody have special educational needs Read more

Volunteers' Week: Gillian's Tribunal Support Service experience

Our Tribunal Support Service volunteer, Gillian, shared with us what inspired her to join IPSEA as a volunteer Read more

Volunteers' Week: Helen's Tribunal Helpline experience

Today we're highlighting the fantastic work of the volunteers on our Tribunal Helpline - here's what our Tribunal Helpline volunteer, Helen, shared with us about her volunteering experience Read more