September 2023

Although most settings won’t be affected, if your child or young person with SEND goes to a school or college with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) then it may be a worrying time.

The school or college should be in touch with you to explain what the plans are soon.

In making those plans, the settings have to follow the law and pay attention to the new guidance from the Department for Education.

We hope the following advice is helpful:

  • When making alternative arrangements for education, schools and local authorities need to think about the needs of the individual child or young people with SEND. 
  • Remote learning is only acceptable in “exceptional circumstances”. 
  • Mainstream schools and colleges have to carry on using their best endeavours to put in place the SEN Support your child or young person needs.  
  • Local authorities and health providers have to carry on securing the provision in EHC plans. 
  • Local authorities’ transport duties under the Education Act 1996 carry on applying – and they will need to think about what alternative transport arrangements are needed and whether other children or young people may be entitled to a transport arrangement (e.g. because they are having to move to a new school which is a lot further away than their current school). 
  • If schools, colleges or local authorities are making changes to the special educational provision a child or young person gets, then they need to work with parents and carers and any other professionals whose advice may be needed (such as health or social care professionals). The rules about changing special educational provision in an EHC plan might also be important. 
  • Settings and local authorities have to follow their duties under the Equality Act 2010. 
  • If you are not happy with the arrangements that are being suggested or made, speak with the school or college and, if the child or young person has an EHC plan, with the local authority.  There might be other, better arrangements that can be made. 
  • If things can’t be resolved – then take advice. IPSEA has information that can help you.