Our modular online courses look in detail at the scope of special educational needs and disability (SEND) law.  

Our self-paced online courses use comprehensive resources (which you can download and keep for future reference) and online exercises to guide you through the content. Learn at a pace and schedule that works for you, wherever you are.

The online courses involve reading and cross referencing legally based material – if this is not the best way for you to assimilate material please consider attending one of our upcoming training events.

Our online courses

  • SEND law online - level 1: an introductory course suitable for parents, carers and supporting family members, as well as professionals supporting and advising parents who wish to gain a greater knowledge of the law.

    Download course summary: SEND law online - level 1

  • SEND law online - level 2: this course builds on the learning acquired in our level 1 online training to provide a more in-depth knowledge of certain areas of the law relating to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

    Download course summary: SEND law online - level 2

  • SEND law online - level 3: this is an advanced level training course with a particular emphasis on gaining knowledge regarding bringing different types of appeal to the SEND Tribunal.

    Download course summary: SEND law online - level 3

Purchase our online learning

You will have six months from purchasing a course to complete your training, or 18 months if you purchase all three levels together. A certificate of completion is issued for each level you pass.

To pay online, purchase via the links below. If you would prefer to be invoiced, please complete our invoice request form and a member of our training team will be in touch within three working days. 

  Purchase: SEND law online - level 1 (£700)  

  Purchase: SEND law online - level 2 (£700)  

  Purchase: SEND law online - level 3 (£700)  

Purchase: combined level 1, 2 and 3 (£1,600)

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