The Children and Families Act (CFA) 2014 sets out many of the legal protections and rights for children and young people with SEN. Under the CFA you are a young person if you are:

Compulsory school age ends on the last Friday in June which falls in the academic year in which you turn (or turned) 16 – usually at the end of Year 11. For example, if you were born on 23 September 2007, compulsory school age will end on  28 June 2024. 

However, as a young person, you  are expected to remain in education or training until you are 18.

Once compulsory school age ends, the rights and protections in the CFA 2014 belong to you and can be enforced by you, rather than your parents (who can support you if you like).

You can find out more about the rights of young people, and how you can be supported, on our website.