Firstly, speak to school. See if the review meeting can be arranged for a different date and offer to school dates when you are available. 

That said, it may be, due to your child’s needs or circumstances, that it is really important the annual review meeting takes place when planned, even if you cannot attend. The meeting can still go ahead without you there. If this is the case, then you should make sure you provide school with as much information as possible when you are contacted for information. You should make clear what progress you think your child is making, and what changes you might like to see to the EHC plan (and why).

Once the meeting has taken place, you will receive a copy of the report from school detailing the discussions from the meeting and any difference in opinions. If you disagree with anything in that report, send an email to school and the LA quickly letting them know your views.

If the LA makes a decision following the annual review meeting which you disagree with, you can appeal it, and will have the right to mediation.