Once an EHC plan is in place for a child or young person, it is unlikely to remain the same over time. As they grow up, it may become out of date, and they may move to a different school or college.

If the family moves to a different local authority (“LA”), the EHC plan will move with them, but the new LA might wish to make changes to the plan.

Additionally, at least once a year, the EHC plan should be reviewed by the LA and the school or college, working together with the parents or the young person (this is called an annual review). If the child or young person is moving school, the annual review should be carried out well in advance of the move.

Sometimes, it might be necessary to ask for an early review where it is necessary to change the EHC plan more urgently – for example, if a school placement has broken down.

If there is a significant change in the child or young person’s needs, then the parents or young person can ask for a re-assessment of the child or young person’s needs.

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