Yes. The following people must be invited to the review meeting and information from these people must be obtained:

  • you as the parent 
  • a representative of the school or other institution attended
  • an LA SEN officer 
  • a health service representative, and 
  • an LA social care representative 

Other people can also be invited. This can include professionals working with your child, youth offending teams and job coaches for example.

You should make sure your child’s youth worker has received a request for information and an invitation to attend. If they haven’t, ask school to send this to them. If they can’t attend then they should still be able to provide information and advice to be circulated for the meeting.

The Code is clear that “The school (or, for children and young people attending another institution, the local authority) must seek advice and information about the child or young person prior to the meeting from all parties invited, and send any advice and information gathered to all those invited at least two weeks before the meeting” (para 9.176).