Quiz night

Make your quiz or trivia night as fun as possible and you’ll not only raise a lot of funds, you’ll be able to make it an annual or even monthly fundraiser eventRead more

Sporting activities

A sports fundraising activity is often a great way to involve your family, friends and colleagues in something you enjoyRead more

Karaoke night

Organise a karaoke night to bring people together, entertain and raise funds for IPSEARead more

Coffee morning

Organising a coffee morning or tea party is a great way to catch up with friends, your community and meet new peopleRead more

Sales parties

Organise a jumble sale, cake stall or book sale – a great way to meet new people and at the same time raise money to help IPSEARead more


A charity bingo night is one of the most effective and fun ways to raise funds, and participants can even win some money of their ownRead more

Seasonal activities

There are lots of wonderful activities you can do throughout the year – click here for an all-year guide of seasonal fundraising ideasRead more

Auction of promises

An auction of promises is a fun way to raise money for IPSEA – people can bid on chores they want done in their home, or nominate promises to give up somethingRead more

How to pay in your money

Your support goes a long way in helping us ensure children with SEND get the right education – click here to see how you can pay in the funds you raiseRead more