A charity bingo night is one of the most effective and fun ways to raise funds. It is a great way to encourage people to give money as it has the incentive for participants to win some money of their own!

How to get started

Below are some basic steps to get you started with organising your charity bingo night:

  • Set a goal for your fundraising total and you will be able to determine the number of bingo books that you need to buy and sell
  • Find a venue – this could be your home, school hall or community centre
  • Set a time – giving enough notice for everyone to book a table
  • Advertise – using posters, social media, friends and family
  • Get friends and family to help out
  • Ask organisations, friends and family to donate prizes
  • Ask us for some IPSEA leaflets
  • Borrow or rent a bingo machine
  • You could charge per book or entrance
  • You could also raise extra funds on the day by holding a raffle and/or games alongside the bingo
  • Enjoy a fun night out!

Every pound you raise will fund IPSEA’s work to help children with special educational needs get the right education.

There are a number of ways to pay in the funds you raise:

  • Create a personalised fundraising page on JustGiving and keep your family and friends updated by uploading photos, sending emails, and creating links to social media sites - any funds raised through JustGiving will be paid to us directly
  • Donate to us online – make sure you leave us a message telling us how you have raised the money
  • Pay by bank transfer – please contact our fundraising team using our enquiry form or email at [email protected]

We will send an acknowledgement of the money received. If a receipt is required please contact us at [email protected].