As described in the section about moving to a new LA, the new local authority (“LA”) has a duty to ensure the special educational specified in Section F of his EHC plan is made. The fact that the LA has decided to review the EHC plan in 3 months’ time is irrelevant; they should be making the special education provision now.

If it is no longer practicable for your son to attend the school named in Section I of his EHC plan (perhaps because you have moved a considerable distance) then the LA must arrange for him to attend another appropriate school until they review and amend his EHC plan.

You should write immediately to the LA to complain – see the section on complaining when the provision in an  EHC plan is not being made for more information, and for a model letter you can use to write to the LA. You should adapt the letter to include the information about your move and, if relevant, the fact that the LA must find a school for him until the EHC plan has been reviewed and amended.