Some LAs create working documents only containing sections B, F and I, because the SEND Tribunal’s powers are limited to those parts (except for in the case of extended appeals where the SEND Tribunal can make recommendations about health and social care). This is unhelpful however, as you may be hoping to negotiate changes to sections A and/or E. In addition, it means the SEND Tribunal doesn't have the outcomes directly before it when considering the special educational needs and provision.

You should ask your LA to issue the whole EHC plan and in a form which can be edited. If the LA delays in doing this, first send a reminder to the LA if necessary, before considering making a request to the SEND Tribunal to direct that the LA does so.

The SEND Tribunal expects LAs to reflect the amendments a parent or young person has requested in their appeal form in the first version of the working document, but this rarely happens and generally the LA sends an unamended, editable version of the EHC plan which is under appeal, as has happened here.

You should make sure all the amendments you are looking for are made on the working document, using the key set out in the SEND Tribunal’s Working document guidance (colour should not be used), and sent back to the LA.