In any case where the appeal concerns section I, you should include relevant information about the school or institution you want to be named with the appeal. This should include the Ofsted report, any prospectus, any reports or assessments about your child which the school or other institution has produced, and details of the costs of the placement.

If you want your appeal to include section I (placement) but have not found a school you want to ask the SEND Tribunal to name, then describe the type of setting you would prefer in section I on your appeal form, such as ‘mainstream’ or ‘special’.

You can say you are currently researching options or waiting for responses from settings. The SEND Tribunal, when it registers your case, will probably direct you to provide details of the specific institution that you wish the SEND Tribunal to name by a particular date.

If you find a specific setting you would like named which matches the type of setting you described on the appeal form, you don’t need to amend your grounds of appeal. You should:

  1. tell the LA and SEND Tribunal of this via email, and enclose the offer of a place if it’s a wholly independent school, and
  2. check the directions in case the SEND Tribunal imposed a deadline for doing so and for what other information about the school you are required to submit.

If you find a particular setting which is a different type to that described on the appeal form, for example in the description box you indicated you wanted mainstream and are now seeking a special school, a Request for Changes form (SEND7) asking to amend the grounds of appeal will be required.