If you want to amend your ground of appeal, you need to submit a Request for Changes form. This form is called a SEND 7.

Before you send this form to the SEND Tribunal though, you must seek the LA’s response and this should be included on the form. You do not need its agreement, but you must give your LA a chance to respond. You should give your LA at least 5 working days to respond.

If the request is urgent, and you are still waiting for a response from the LA, you should make clear on the form that you have asked the LA for its views and include a copy of your email to the LA if possible.

The SEND Tribunal has said that due to the very high volume of Requests for Changes forms it receives, unless the matter is urgent, requests will be held on file and dealt with about 3-4 weeks before the hearing, so do not be surprised if you do not hear back quickly.