Yes. EHC plans are available for those up to the age of 25 who need one as long as you are not taking a higher education course (this will be a study programme or apprenticeship at Level 4 or above).

The first step in getting an EHC plan is having an EHC needs assessment carried out. This is an investigation into your educational, health and care needs and how to support you.

You can adapt our template letter to request an EHC needs assessment yourself, or your school or college could request one for you. Your parent or carer can help you too.

After the EHC needs assessment the local authority (LA) will decide if you need an EHC plan.  

The LA must provide you with an EHC plan if you won’t get the help you need (known as your special educational provision) without one.

If you’re over 18 and already have an EHC plan but have left education and don’t want any further learning then your EHC plan can be ended but the LA will need to review the plan first.

You can find out more about EHC plans here.