After the SEND Tribunal has sent the local authority (LA) the registration letter, the LA will need to send its response to the SEND Tribunal, and you, by the deadline set out in it.

The deadline for the LA response to your appeal is usually within 30 working days of receiving your appeal documents from the SEND Tribunal.

The LA must say whether it opposes your appeal and why. The SEND Tribunal requires detailed information from the LA in its response. What the LA has to include is listed at the end of the registration letter.

All of this information must be received by you and the SEND Tribunal by the deadline for the LA’s response and not the later evidence deadline. You should tell the SEND Tribunal if any of the information the LA was required to send to you is missing, or if you did not receive it on time.

For further information on this topic, see our main 'What happens after I submit my appeal?' page.