There are a number of things the school is legally required to do when a pupil is excluded for between 5 and 15 days.

  1. The Head must write immediately giving length and reason for exclusion.
  2. The Head must inform the Governors and LA.
  3. The Governors must meet only if
    1. an external exam or National Curriculum test would be missed or
    2. the total days excluded in that term is over 15 or
    3. the total is between 5 and 15 and parents request a meeting.

(Note that the maximum number of days in a school year for which a child can be given fixed-term exclusions is 45.)

  1. Parents have the right to make ‘written representations’ which must be considered by governors and to attend any meeting if parents request it (see our advice on preparing written representations for more information).
  2. School must take reasonable steps to set and mark work for the first five days of a period of exclusion and alternative provision must be arranged from the sixth day.
  3. School or LA may ask parent to sign a Parenting Contract or apply to Magistrates’ Court for a Parenting Order.


Entitlement to alternative education          

For a fixed period exclusion of more than five school days, the governing body (or local authority in relation to a pupil excluded from a pupil referral unit) must arrange suitable full-time education for any pupil of compulsory school age. This provision must begin no later than the sixth day of the exclusion.


You can find further advice on what to do if your child is excluded here.