R v Oxfordshire County Council ex parte Pittick [1996] ELR 153: If a school is not able to fund the special educational provision in the Statement or EHC plan from its own resources, the obligation to arrange and secure the provision remains with the LA. A dispute about funding between a school and an LA should never be the reason why a child or young person does not receive the special educational provision in their Statement or EHC plan. 

N v North Tyneside Council [2010] EWCA Civ 135: Where a Statement or an EHC plan identifies special educational provision, the LA has an absolute obligation to ensure that it is provided. It is not open to the LA unilaterally to change the Statement as and when they thought that was appropriate.

R v London Borough of Harrow ex parte M [1997] ELR 62: The LA is responsible for ensuring the educational provision in a Statement (now an EHC plan) is made, even where the provision in question is actually provided by another body (here, the health service). If the health service fails to make the provision the LA must step in.