All local authorities (LAs) should have a policy on home to school transport, but it must be based on what the law says. LAs also needs to have regard to the statutory Travel to school for children of compulsory school age 2024 Guidance

The policy should set out:

  • eligibility for free travel and how entitlement will be assessed
  • arrangements for children with SEN and/or disabilities including arrangements for pupils who are registered at more than one school
  • provision of escorts
  • charges
  • assistance to attend extended schools
  • travel to residential schools, and
  • complaints. 

LAs should consult widely on any changes to such policies. If your LA quotes its policy, start by getting a copy of it. Such policies should not include additional restrictions and limitations on access which are not contained in the Education Act 1996. The 2024 Guidance also makes clear that LA school travel policies should be easy for you to find and understand (see part 4 of the Guidance). 

If you consider that your child should be eligible under one of the categories for children of compulsory school age but they are being denied transport, seek advice from our advice line.