Sometimes parents and young people decide that an additional expert report is required to support their case during an appeal. These can be funded via Legal Help if the parent or young person is eligible or paid for privately.

Private reports won’t be given any less or more weight than an NHS or LA-commissioned report just because they are private.

The SEND Tribunal is concerned only with whether the report-writer has the relevant expertise to make the recommendations in the report. The SEND Tribunal has guidance for expert witnesses’ reports: SEND Tribunal: if you're asked to be a witness - GOV.UK (

In addition, the barristers’ chambers, 3 Paper Buildings, have produced Top ten tips for getting the most from SEN expert witnesses which may be helpful to consider if experts are commissioned. Please see: Top-ten-tips-for-getting-the-most-from-SEN-expert-witnesses-Matthew-Wyard.docx.pdf (