What steps does the school have to take?

No child should be excluded for an indefinite period, or for a non-disciplinary reason, or without formal notice in writing from the head Read more

What should I do if my child is excluded?

If your child has been excluded, you should consider what actions you can take to try to get their needs met more effectively and avoid further exclusions in the future Read more

Disability discrimination and exclusions

If a school unfairly excludes a child with a disability, this may amount to disability discrimination Read more

Advice on writing ‘written representations’ to the Governors

Examples and guidance on writing 'written representations' to the Governors Read more

Informal exclusions

Any exclusion of a pupil, even for short periods of time, must be formally recorded Read more

Exclusion of children/young people with SEND from an independent setting or Further Education

These types of education providers will have their own behaviour and exclusion policies Read more