What happens if I still have a Statement after 1 April 2018?

The legal position of those who still have Statements after the transition deadline of 1 April 2018 will varyRead more

Complaining about failures relating to transition: Model letter 11

Model letter and guidance on complaining about failures relating to transitionRead more

FAQs about transition

FAQs based on questions that are frequently asked on IPSEA's helplinesRead more

How is the law relating to EHC plans different from the law relating to Statements?

If your child has special educational needs (SEN) under the EA 1996, they will still have SEN under the CAFA 2014Read more

What are my rights if I still have a Statement?

If a child or young person still has a Statement and they are not in further education and are aged under 19, the law as it was before the CAFA 2014 will still applyRead more

FAQs about Statements under the ‘old’ law

FAQs which IPSEA has developed in relation to the previous law (the Education Act 1996)Read more