If your child’s school has told you that your child cannot attend full-time, see out information on informal exclusions.

Children without EHC plans

Home educated children without EHC plans can receive part of their education at a school if the school agrees. Such arrangements are sometimes known as ‘flexi-schooling’. This is a phrase used in guidance on home education. Schools are under no obligation to agree to such arrangements, but some are happy to do so.

When a compulsory school age child is flexi-schooled, the parents must still make sure that the child receives a suitable full-time education. When considering whether the child is receiving a suitable full-time education, the LA must take into account the education they receive at school. 

Children with EHC plans

If the LA thinks it would be inappropriate for a child or young person with an EHC plan to receive some part of their special educational provision in school/college, then they can receive that particular special education provision elsewhere. 

This means the child or young person would receive part of their education at school/college and part of it as ‘education otherwise’ (also known as ‘EOTAS’). These arrangements should be described in section F of their EHC plan and the school/college named in section I. There is no need for the school to consent to this part-time attendance arrangement because it is special educational provision that the child or young person requires, which is different to a child or young person being educated at home because their parent has chosen to do so.