Well we made it to the top of Snowden. It was really tough but we knew there was a café at the top and someone told us that the chocolate brownies were really nice. My brother was brilliant, he got a bit scared but Mum told him everything would be fine. 

The views as we scrambled up were amazing and I will never forget the experience. Luckily it was sunny for part of the way but it was freezing when we were in the clouds.  We have raised over £1,200 for IPSEA and we are so pleased. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us. We are really grateful as we know IPSEA will use the money to help other families. Ben Nevis next time?!

I am Felix and I'm 12 years old.

My brother has special needs, and IPSEA supported my Mum when she needed help to get the right support for him when he was finding school really difficult.

Me, my mum and brother are climbing Mount Snowden on 29th September to raise money for IPSEA.

My mum now works for IPSEA helping other parents who need support for their children with special needs. We are really looking forward to climbing Snowden but it's going to be very hard, especially for my brother.

I hope it doesn't rain! If you can support us we would be very grateful - you can make a donation online using the orange 'Donate' button in the top right corner of this page. 


By law, children with SEND are entitled to educational support that meets their individual needs. Since IPSEA was formed over 30 years ago, they have helped to improve educational support for thousands of children with all kinds of SEND by providing free and independent legally-based information, advice and casework support.

IPSEA receive absolutely no government funding, so rely entirely on grants, donations and fundraising efforts to carry out their great work – your donation will help them achieve even more.

Please share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – and elsewhere – so Felix can reach his target and together we can help IPSEA reach even more families. Thank you!

Emma Brock