Foundation Level E-learning FAQs
For parents and carers

E-Learning Changes

Please note: we are upgrading our learning systems for our online training which is launching on September 1 2017. We are advising all those signing up to either complete their training by August 31 or to begin their training after September 1.

Payments can still be accepted for training at this stage. If you'd like to be notified of when the new system is in place to begin your course, please email

How do I buy this e-learning?

To take part in this e-learning you need to complete the following 3 steps. Before paying, you will have an opportunity to choose either the e-learning or a combined package of the e-learning plus a 12 month subscription to IPSEA's Legal Updates:  

  1. If you are buying for a charity, school or organisation, please click here
  2. For individual parents and carers, click here to register for the training on IPSEA’s training site
  3. Once your registration form has been submitted you will receive a link to IPSEA’s secure online shop where you pay for the training using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account in order to do this
  4. Complete your IPSEA training account by setting your account password via the automated e-mail you will receive from IPSEA

Once these 3 steps have all been completed, we will send you information about getting started with your e-learning. For help with registering, please contact

Who can do this e-learning?

This e-learning is designed as an introduction to SEN Law for parents and carers of children and young people with SEN. Someone who has recently completed this e-learning describes it as "very worthwhile. I would recommend it to any parents of SEN youngsters, of any age."

What does this e-learning cover?

The 10 modules are:

Foundation module 1: The SEN legal framework
Foundation module 2: The duties on local authorities
Foundation module 3: The duties on schools and further education institutions
Foundation module 4: Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessments
Foundation module 5: EHC plans
Foundation module 6: Naming a school or FE institution in an EHC plan
Foundation module 7: Personal budgets and direct payments
Foundation module 8: Changing plans (annual review, transfer/ ceasing to maintain an EHC plan)
Foundation module 9: Mediation and the SEND tribunal
Foundation module 10: Education Act 1996 (parts remaining relevant during the transition period)

There are resources to accompany each module that you can print out and keep for future reference.

Will I receive a certificate? What is the pass mark?

The pass mark is 75. On successful completion you will receive an IPSEA certificate with your overall score. This certificate also outlines your proficiency in each module. Please be aware that learners do not get an index of right/wrong answers to individual questions. If learners score lower in particular modules, they can refer to the module resources to refresh their learning. 

What happens if I fail to meet the pass mark?

If you do not meet the pass mark of 75, you are automatically given one more opportunity to re-take the modules. 

How long will the online training take me?

People’s learning speeds vary but we estimate that it takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete each module.

Do I have to complete the course within a timescale?

We recommend that users complete the modules within six months to have an up to date knowledge of current legislation.

Is the course relevant to Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland?

The legal content of our training does not cover Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Do I need any prior understanding of SEN Law?

You do not need any knowledge of SEN Law in order to take this course. If you score sufficient marks across all the modules to pass the course, you will have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the law covering special educational needs.

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Tribunal Helpline

Our Tribunal Helpline Gives next step advice on SEN appeals and disability discrimination claims to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. When you call we will also assess whether you need casework support. Please click here to book an appointment to get one of our advisers to call you back.

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