• Refusal to assess
  • Refusal to issue a plan


  • Appeals against the contents of a plan
  • Appeals against the name of a school

The training will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the steps and stages of the appeal process and what to do at each stage
  • Looking at the test in law for carrying out an EHC needs assessment, issuing an EHC plan and ceasing a plan
  • Evidence, case law, preparing submissions and analysing and responding to any local authority response to the appeal
  • Preparing effectively for your appeal hearing day
  • Law guidance and case law around the need of an EHC plan to specify and quantify
  • Law guidance and case law in naming a school in a plan
  • Preparation of working documents
  • Hints and tips on how to put your case across well on the day


£1,200 (plus expenses) for schools and charities with an income of less than £200k per annum

£1,900 (plus expenses) for schools and charities with an income exceeding £200k per annum

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