Children with special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities are much more likely to be excluded from school than their classmates, and our experience through IPSEA’s helplines shows that pupils with SEN are also subject to informal exclusions (which are unlawful) or restricted from receiving full-time education in some way. 

Our Exclusion webinar will help you find and use the law and statutory guidance about exclusions, recognise and challenge an unlawful exclusion, understand the duties of the school and LAs to pupils with SEN, and importantly, take the next steps to ensure the pupil’s SEN are properly understood and met. 

The content is particularly relevant for parents and carers of children with SEN; those working with pupils with SEN; and those supporting parents or carers of pupils with SEN who are, or have been, excluded or at risk of exclusion, and will cover: 

  • The law and statutory guidance about exclusions in maintained schools, Academies and PRUs
  • The duties of schools and LAs in relation to exclusions and arranging education for pupils who are excluded
  • The power of a school to direct pupils off-site to improve their behaviour
  • What happens after a pupil is excluded – including how to ensure their SEN are properly understood and supported
  • Where to find the rules relating to exclusion in other settings, e.g. independent schools 

Duration: 35 minutes

Purchase: Exclusions webinar (£9)


Upon purchase, this recorded webinar will be made available to you for the next 30 days, and can be watched an unlimited number of times during this period. A copy of the webinar presentation slides will also be provided for you to download and keep for future reference.  

What do I need to join?

For the webinar you will need:

  • Speakers/headphones to hear the presentation 
  • A good internet connection 

Who should I contact if I have a problem accessing a webinar?

If you have any issues accessing a webinar, please contact the IPSEA training team via email at [email protected], or call our office on 01799 582030 and ask to speak to the training team.