The Advice Line will close for the summer holidays on Monday 1st August and will reopen on Monday 15th August


Advice Line: 0800 018 4016

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website and would like to speak to one of our volunteers, you can ring our Advice Line.

Calls to numbers beginning with 0800 are now free to callers from all UK networks including all UK mobile phones.  

Advice Line opening hours:

Monday: 10am - 1pm

Tuesday: 1pm - 4pm and 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday:  1pm - 4pm

Thursday:  CLOSED

Friday: 10am - 12pm

Weekends and Bank Holidays: Closed

Please read the following information before calling our Advice Line:

IPSEA's Advice Line is covered by 1 or 2 volunteers working from their own homes. If the line is busy, our volunteers are busy taking calls.

There is no answer phone service on our Advice Line. If you hear an answer phone message, it will be our volunteer's personal voicemail. Please do not leave a message.

By using IPSEA’s Advice Line you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Statement.

IPSEA has a dedicated Tribunal Helpline that you should call if you are making a Tribunal Appeal.

You can also book a call at a time that suits you by clicking here.


IPSEA mailing list

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Information service

This service provides information on the law and what it allows you to do.  Click here to fill in our Information Service form - one of our advisers will send you a reply by email.

Advice Line

Our Advice Line gives free and independent legally based SEN advice. For our Advice Line number and information about booking an Advice Line call, please click here.

Tribunal Helpline

Our Tribunal Helpline gives free and independent legally based advice about appeals to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. Find the number or book a call by clicking here.

IPSEA training

IPSEA provides a wide range of SEN training for Parents, School Staff, Parent Forums, Support Groups, Local Authority SEN teams, Parent Partnership Schemes, School Governors and other groups / organisations. Click here for details.