“I spoke with a Tribunal Helpline volunteer at IPSEA after my son was refused an assessment for an Education, Health and Care plan.

I was very lucky to get the support of a casework volunteer from IPSEA’s Tribunal Support Service, and my volunteer helped me to prepare all of the paperwork and grounds for appeal for our tribunal – the support I received was invaluable, as I felt completely out of my depth.

The local authority conceded, and agreed to an EHC needs assessment after I filed the papers with the tribunal service. The assessment resulted in an EHC plan being issued, and my son being placed in the special school of our choice.

IPSEA’s help and support was invaluable throughout the process, and helped me fight for what was right for my son. I knew nothing about SEN Law, or what my son was rightfully entitled to, and I felt I had no one to turn to before I found IPSEA. I can’t thank them and the volunteer who helped me enough – I am so grateful for their support.”


*names have been changed