Delivered by a member of IPSEA's legal team, the training covers various areas of the law which ensure that children and young people with SEND are supported and protected in accessing education, including:

  • Maintaining and reviewing an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan
  • Ceasing to maintain an EHC Plan
  • Making a complaint or challenging a decision
  • Transport to school or college
  • Exclusion

The training is particularly relevant for parents and carers whose children have identified special educational needs (SEN) and who:

  1. have an EHC plan already in place or are in the process of applying for an EHC plan; or
  2. are supported through SEN support and interested in learning more about the law regarding transport and exclusions

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Please note, the training relates to the law as it applies in England.


£1,200 (plus expenses) for parent groups, schools and charities with an income of less than £200k per annum

£1,900 (plus expenses) for parent groups, schools and charities with an income exceeding £200k per annum

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