From looking at the information a plan should contain, through to how to achieve that through annual reviews, re-assessments and appeals to the SEND Tribunal, this training day will help you navigate the system, supporting you to make informed and positive decisions regarding your child’s education.
The training covers the following topics:
• What should an education, health and care plan look like?
• What information should it contain?
• What to do if you’re not happy with a plan
• Using the annual review
• Requesting re-assessment
• Appealing to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal

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£1,200 (plus expenses) for parent groups, schools and charities with an income of less than £200k per annum

£1,900 (plus expenses) for parent groups, schools and charities with an income exceeding £200k per annum

Please note, the training relates to the law as it applies in England.

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