Appealing against the school or college named in an EHC plan 09/03/2018 06:44

At this time of year, local authorities throughout the country are finalising EHC plans in advance of children and young people’s transition from one phase of education to another – for example from primary to secondary school, or secondary school to further education. IPSEA is frequently asked what parents can do if they’re not happy with the school the local authority has named in the EHC plan.

In most cases, a local authority must name the school the parent or young person has requested unless they can show it is unsuitable, incompatible with the efficient education of others, or incompatible with the efficient use of resources. If they have not named the school or college requested you may be able to challenge their decision.

We have designed a factsheet, ‘Appealing the school named in an EHC plan’, which sets out:

  • Which schools or colleges parents or young people have a right to request, and the reasons a local authority is allowed to refuse
  • The right to a mainstream setting
  • How to request an independent placement
  • Why you should also consider appealing Sections B and F of the EHC plan
  • How to submit your appeal, and what evidence you should provide to the Tribunal in support of your appeal.

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